the first of june, my birthday!

I'm thankful for another blessed, healthy year. I'm happy to have Mr home with me on this birthday, for the first time in two years. I'm thankful for so many things these days. God has blessed me beyond what I deserve. Today, I feel happy, and full of life.

I don't think we have any major plans other than to enjoy our time together and eat a birthday cake pop from Sbux...of course :) So, do me a favor and celebrate today like it's your yourself a cake pop and eat it with me! Then it'll be like we're partying together, right? Happy day to you all, I'm either laying by the pool since we're experiencing some 90 degree weather, roaming the streets of old town, or just soaking up time with Mr.

Today shall be grand, of this I am sure.

I love birthdays!


  1. Happy birthday

    Hugs from the Netherlands

  2. aw, sounds like a sweet, relaxing day! so happy for you dear :)

  3. Happy birthday! Hope you have a very blessed day:D

  4. Happy (late) Birthday!! I hope you had a great day!!