SoCal Adventure

I say adventure like it was some awesome beach-backpacking trip where we scuba dived and hiked the cliffs of SoCal. Alas, it is nothing of the sort. Two posts in one day, though? That counts for something. Well, Mr and I went to SoCal..oh, I don't know..5 months ago? So now is obviously the most appropriate time to blog about it. There's also a trip from January I'll be posting about at some point or another..I just like to keep y'all in suspense for months on end before sharing our adventures. It's really the only way to keep you coming back. 

Most of our trips down to SoCal, in the last two years, have been Army related, and this one was no exception. But we did score an extra day for free which we spent at Disneyland so it wasn't all that bad. Because we're a National Guard family, we have to attend these pointless informative Yellow Ribbon Ceremonies where they basically file everyone into a small hotel ballroom and hand you pamphlets on PTSD and TRICARE Prime. This post-deployment ceremony was a little different in that Mr received all of his deployment awards and a cool see-through backpack [that he can bring to drill?...right]. Anyway, it was mostly pointless and added extra luggage for us to haul back home, but our day-trip to Disneyland was all the fun you could imagine.

Best part of the trip? The hotel. The Army pays for our hotels whenever we go to SoCal and they're usually quite luxurious rooms. This was BY FAR the most luxurious of all the hotels we've stayed in on the Army's dime. However, the only rooms left had two twin sized beds instead of the king sized bed we had reserved. So, to compensate for our "inconvenience" they upgraded our stay to the newly renovated, top floor, harbor view and gave us a complementary breakfast buffet ticket. Then suddenly I wasn't too concerned about sleeping across the room from Mr because it became a battle of who would sleep closest to the window with the view, we're really mature.

[obvs Bridge came with me on the plane]


  1. That breakfast looks delicious! I'm definitely missing So-Cal now.

  2. Love your blog! Mentioned you in my post today :)

  3. Oh yellow ribbons how I do not miss you. I have to attend one here in July and I am not looking forward to it. Our last one was all the women complaining.....sounds like fun huh? I understand your pain with the events. :)