family vaca

We're currently vacationing in one of our favorite spots, which means games, lounging, reading, sun, drinks, and lots of family fun! Since I currently have a cribbage game waiting for me at the kitchen table I'll let the pictures [with my new 5D Mark ii] do the talking! This was my first experiment with the's taken a little bit of getting used to but I'm definitely in love.

[lounging pops]

[where we ate dinner]

[tecate mexican beer..delish with a lime slice!]

[lounging back at the cabin]

my family's waitin for me...toodles!


  1. gorgeous. have fun with the fam these next days c:

  2. Such pretty photos! The new camera is doing quite well :) Have a great rest of your trip!

  3. my goodness these were incredible! i love your family and the pictures of your dad are so cute. hope you are having an amazing time! <3<3<3 p.s. you looks adorable!

  4. What a relaxing looking place! Have fun on your vaycay!