wine tasting

The other night, I went wine tasting with my mom, dad, Mr, my dad's boss lady and my bess fran. The first Wednesday of every month a local restaurant {yes, it took me 4x to spell restaurant correctly..the spelling makes no sense, ask anyone} has wine tasting for $5. We tasted 4 different wines and ate some delicious flat bread pizza. I wouldn't say that I now LOVE wine, but Mr and I have popped a bottle or two since our wine tasting adventure. However, Mr has definitely become a wine connoisseur {there was no hope for that was all spell check}... he swirls, swishes, and examines the "legs" just like he's supposed to. Love that husband of mine.

Oh, and we made friends with our waitress and got free banana creme pie out of it. Get in my belly.

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