family vaca: day two

Mid-day walks to the windy pier and evening lattes. I'm officially relaxed and hoping to finish Potter by the end of this trip, but with 11 people in the house..things get a little distracting ;)

Ribs..chicken..salad & watermelon for dinner, then I think we'll finish out the night with some more cribbage or a huge game of Catan. Either way, family vacationing is in full gear...decks of cards spread on all tables, empty soda cans everywhere, and a bowl of watermelon freshly cut, ready to be consumed. Here's to hoping that latte kicks in so I can enjoy some mountain star gazing tonight and sleep through the woodpecker next to our window tomorrow morning!


  1. i love all the pics!! it seems so serene and peaceful, what a great way to start your summer!! Plus family is always awesome to hang out with :)


  2. those pictures look absolutely wonderful! sigh. hope you are having an amazing time dear :)