farmer's market

About a week ago, I heard a friend talking about a local farmer's market around the corner from our house. I was so excited because I've only been to one FM before! You see, I have zero motivation to be out and about in the early morning hours of the weekend, [when majority of the FM's around here happen]. So when I heard about this evening market, I couldn't wait to race over after work.

Mr was at work so I decided to venture with out him. I took Turbo, my camera, a handful of cash, and drove myself down the street to enjoy the evening. There was a perfect evening glow and the scent of fresh kettle corn wafting through the air when I arrived.

I loved being surrounded by the small town farming people, and all of the super cool people that frequent farmer's markets. The gentleman in charge of the kettle corn coaxed me over with his savory sample. Soon as I walked over, he asked about Turbo and informed me how this particular FM is a non-profit, helping young kids learn how to work hard and count money. He was genuine, sweet, and proud to be part of this weekly event. Everyone stopped us to pet Turbo and ask how old he was. His new haircut is a wee bit deceiving...yellow lab puppy anyone? Two curious girls couldn't help but ask question after question. "What does hims eat?" "What is this and why is it curly?" [his leash ha], "How many is hims?" :) I made small talk and wished I could have snapped a pic of their sweet, freckled faces to remember them by. Their curiosity was precious.

 I sampled more than one strawberry...there were like 4 strawberry stands so naturally I had to see which one was best! I may have sampled my favorite stand twice ;) The dude eventually figured me out and offered me a third sample, with a smile that said he knew I'd been back more than once. I couldn't leave his stand without purchasing a few things so I bought some fresh lettuce & cucumbers.

It was a short hour trip, but it was an hour squeezed in where I relaxed and enjoyed some good ol' fashion small town livin, in my suburban styled life.

As I was washing the fresh fruits and veggies I bought, I looked over to see this little party animal pooped out, frog legs and all. We had a good time together and I can't wait to go back with friends and Mr.


  1. love the colors and frog legged hims. next week yes??

  2. Your farmer's market is so much better than ours!

  3. What lovely photos. I hope to one day go to a Farmer's Market :b

  4. Awesome! I love our farmer's market. :)

  5. Your photos are gorgeous! Farmers Markets are the best, aren't they!?

  6. The colors of those tomatoes are so vibrant and gorgeous!

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