life lately via instagram & other things

I haven't shared my life via instagram lately so I wanted to catch all of you up on some of the latest :)

1. Anyone else read 23 books at one time?  Okay not literally 23 but you get the idea. I like to keep it interesting with more than one book at a time. 2. New Essie colors. 3. New jewelery in the mail, hand made by this should read her blog, and buy her won't be disappointed. 4. My signed book plate came in the mail from this other cool lady, her book Bloom just came out and I'm just about halfway through. It's one of those books I'm taking my time with because I'll be sad the day it's over. Absolutely amazing and inspiring on so many levels.  5. Sticks I found in our complex, turned indoor decor. Fun? Strange? Neutral? I'm not sure, at the moment I'm leaning toward fun...I see many possibilities for holiday fun with these! 6. Red pants and floral shoes..duh. 7. Soft serve from Big Spoon, with gummy worms..duh. 8. Last class of Senior Seminar was held at a restaurant and bar, where we all drank margaritas and bought our professor shots. Highly appropriate? Yes. The evening out was followed up with an email the next morning from our professor,

"High priority
The papers were awesome! You all got As, though a couple papers lost a few points for APA or typos. But they were OUTSTANDING papers and I am very, very proud to have been your instructor.

Dr. Z"

Just pointing out that our group wasn't one of the few to lose points for APA/typos...just saying ;). I'm feeling good, only one more final to finish out the semester...but it's a take home final so I'm practically DONE!
and last but not least, 10. Showing some love to my little man. I can't even handle his cuteness.


  1. i love instagram pics soo much! I always have a huge stack of books that I read at the same time, but never 23 of them!!....ha!

  2. ............i want gummy worms now.
    that's not a craving that will be satisfied anytime soon! lol:P darn.

    yay for school being over!!! i'm so excited for you!!!!

  3. i love you on Instagram, and on your blog, and on Facebook hahaha! I'm so glad you did so well and you're DONE, DONE with school, amazing!! You rock in so many ways, hopefully you can focus on your budding photography career, YAY!! Happy MilSpouse Appreciation Day lovey! <3

  4. I spy Meg's cute gift wrapping!! : ) So fun!

  5. I am loving the twigs! Definitely keepers!