for your laughing pleasure

I can't get enough of these dumb e-cards. I don't know why they're so funny to me, but here's a few of my favorites lately. All via Pinterest, of course. Hope you get a little chuckle out of some :)

and the most applicable one to my life at the moment...

It's appropriate to mention that I no longer have anything left to learn in college. In other words, I've mastered just about everything there is to know.

Obviously you have no clue where I'm going with that, do you?

Last night I took my very last set of lecture notes...EVER. So I wasn't lying to you. I have nothing left to learn. From this point on it's all presentations, papers and finals. I can't even handle how awesome that is. And what were my last notes, you ask? I learned about subliminal persuasion. That's correct, I now know how to subliminally persuade you, watch out!

Maybe I've already subliminally persuaded you in this very'll never know. That's awkward.

Too far?


  1. these make me smile! i love you <3

  2. ha ha the running one seriously made me LOL! funny stuff!

  3. hahaha. Love the singing one!

    Congratulations on being done! That means graduation is right around the corner, right?!

  4. I'm obsessed with all of those, hahaha i pin them left and right! ;D And hooray for taking your last notes EVAH!!! what a wonderful feeling! :)


  5. these always make me laugh so hard!

  6. I'm addicted to these. I've been browsing them in public and find myself just laughing out loud, and believe me. People stare. This may be one of my favorite things that Pinterest has put out!

    Just came across your blog and will be checking out all that I missed!

    Secondhand Magpie

  7. Haha I love this stupid cards, they're so funny!