Day out with the Mutha

Today was a good day. I had planned to get some shopping done by myself, knowing it would be a long, but productive day. Well, my mutha jumps at any chance to spend time with me since I went and got married on her. I can't blame her though, I'm a pretty fun person ;) Anyway, I told my mom what I had planned today and she offered to come along. We had good talks, sore feet, and bought pretty things :) I'm thankful for days like today when I'm reminded of how blessed I am to have a momma who loves spending time with me and walking around the mall for 5 hours until we find the perfect graduation dress. 

I ended up buying myself that super cute mint green book, Domino [off Amazon though...saved $10!]. There's so many great design tips in there and it's a wonderful coffee table book. Also, if there's any bloggers in the NorCal area who would be interested in a blogger meetup at West Elm, be on the lookout for some further info in the next few weeks!

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