Instagram: #janphotoaday

I'm sort of obsessed with instagram, Mr can attest to this. So I thought I'd share my #janphotoaday collection thus far.

(from top left to right)

Day 1: me
Day 2: Breakfast - scone and coffee
Day3: Something I adore - my Rebel (D series soon please!)
Day 4: Letterbox - our mailbox
Day 5: Something I wore today - secret's out..I'm a Starbucks barista and I make a mean caramel macchiato
Day 6: Makes me smile - Mr and his silliness at our first Five Guys experience
Day 7: Favorite - time with my family
Day 8: My sky - Vacation at Squaw Valley
Day 9: Daily routine - I light candles every single day
Day 10: Childhood - Baby Cole
Day 11: Where I sleep


  1. Your bed is so cute!! I also love that first picture of you :)

  2. wahhhh i want instagram. obsessed with all these pictures!

  3. love the bed. and the scone and coffee. mmmmm :) :)

  4. these are so much fun!! the saddest thing about not having an iphone is no insta'ness pictures :(