Coffee, a planner and a purse

As we speak, I am sitting on our bed with F.R.I.E.N.D.S season 5 playing in the background while Mr and his best friend play Skyrim in the living room. It's a one player, xbox game so naturally his friend brought over his own TV so they could play together. Geeks. But I love it. Our room is clean, belly's are full and I don't have to work for another week. I'd say I'm thoroughly enjoying tonight and soakin up the happiness. I also need to mention that I'm proud owner of a dot com now! All readers will automatically be redirected but just so we're all up to speed I am now :)


So as of lately

We spent the night hanging out at a local coffee shop a few days ago, and I quite enjoyed myself. Notice my new planner? I basically never want 2012 to end just so I can use this planner for the rest of time. Oh, and Mr has sufficiently made fun of my decision making process over buying the perfect one. Clearly he doesn't understand the importance of finding the very best :) See if I write down his important appointments pshh..

Out back of the coffee shop there's twinkle lights, heaters and a fire pit. I wouldn't be upset my backyard looked like this someday. 

In other news, we've been spending a lot of time with our friendlies lately. Blonde boy on the left is a musician and scored an entire movie over the last couple months. His movie debuted this week so we all dressed up and had a night out in honor of him and his awesome accomplishment.

I'll be in a wedding this weekend so we had a bachelorette party for the lovely lady in purple. And yes, we are drinking out of boy part straws. I enlarged the picture for your viewing pleasure...wait what?

And last but not least..
Say hello to my new purse. I begged and pleaded with Mr to let me buy this, it's only my fourth purse in four years including my $4 thrift store I indulged and I'm most pleased :) Happy wife happy life, yes?

I'll be off to wedding festivities for the rest of this weekend so here's to hoping I last longer than 10 minutes in my heels.


  1. I love that purse! Sometimes there's nothing like the feeling you get from a new purse :)

  2. I love your scarves! and your purse is beautiful (perfect size for a planner + camera?). I never buy purses either, and I'm in serious need of a new one. Have fun at the wedding!

  3. Love the purse! And love your shoes! :)

  4. Oh good to know there are planner lovers like me out there. I love the beginning of the new year for the purpose of getting a perfect little one. :) And what an awesome purse! I need me one of those pronto.
    Anyway, have a great wedding weekend! Hopefully your shoes don't give you too much trauma. :)

  5. Your blog is adorable! I just came across it! Consider me a new follower. I'd love for you to come check out mine, and hopefully do the same? :)