little school updates

I think my least favorite part of posting blogs is figuring out how to start out.
So let's skip the attention getting, jaw dropping, clever introduction and jump straight into my good news. I just had my last first day of school

Thanks for being excited with me. I'll be a college graduate in about four months time, Lord willing I pass all 16 units of class I'll be taking.

 Anyway, Mr is back in school this semester also and it's his first time in two years. He was a little excited to get back into the school routine since it's been so long. So we spent the night before school putting together our backpacks, binders and going through the few hundred or so pens I've hoarded accumulated. 

I made sure to have a healthy breakfast for my last, first day so I could start the semester out right.

[vanilla greek yogurt, sliced bananas & granola with some sort of dried berries]

I know this semester is going to be tough which is why I'm so glad I have a five hour break on Mondays and Wednesdays. It's the perfect time to get homework done and head over to the campus gym..which is totally what I do...

And what I totally do not do is..check the clock every twenty minutes..treat myself to subway instead of read textbooks..or take shameless self portraits.

Here's to productivity and last semesters.


  1. Yeah for your first last day! That's exciting! :)

  2. Congrats, Nicole!! Enjoy your last semester! It'll fly by.

  3. Yay! Good luck! I should be done in May too! What will your degree be in?

  4. YAY for first last days!! Congrats. :) Hope the semester flies by. And you really have a 5 hour break? Psh I would go home! Lol.

  5. haha, i love this! you're almost there, girly, so exciting:)

  6. Wow, awesome. :)

    And fyi, every time you post a picture, I think to myself, "I love her hair!" :)

  7. ohmyword, you're cute.
    yay for the last first day of school! :D

  8. one week down...fifteen more to go?? :)