R&R part four: Open House

Oh hey, remember when I was recapping R&R like twelve years ago? Let's continue..
Mr and I got home from Santa Cruz and spent the rest of his time here with friends and family. The night we got home was spent with my best friend and her hubby before he left for more Coast Guard training. We played Mexican train and drank $1 bottles of champagne out of $1 wine glasses..we like to keep things classy.

Friday night Mr and I went to a baseball game. My friend is the MC and was able to hook us up with a pair of free tickets. Awesome right? :) Our team lost but we drank $9 beers and had lots of fun!

After the game we got some fro-yo mmmm...

On Saturday we had an open house where everyone could come see Mr and hang out! We had a pretty good turn out and everyone seemed to have a good time.

the ping pong hats were absolutely necessary


Mr and I had a child...

or maybe I just wanted to steal this one. Not only is this baby girl the cutest thing you've ever seen..but look at Mr Tenderness himself? sigh..

The rest of the night was spent drinking with our buddies..(Has there been one post with out alcohol in it yet? The man has been deprived of any fun for months, so please don't think we're outrageous). 

Our bearded friend, Brad and my lovely lady friend Krista..we're friends in real life.. not just on blogs ;)

The open house was a success and at one point in the night there may or may not have been a group of grown adults playing ring-around-the-rosie for thirty minutes. Oh the power of a cute three-year old..

Come back for more tomorrow! There's tattoos involved.. oooh the suspense!


  1. mr tenderness himself....hehe:) you guys are so sweet.
    and you're gonna make some supa-cuties someday....aren't ya? ;)

    tattoos? ack, suspense indeed!!

    p.s. how's the job going? :)

  2. Aw so fun!! I love that you took TONS of pictures :D

  3. Wow!! What a small world!! I know Brad!! :) And his girlfriend Tenaya. I went to high school with her and was really good friends with her all throughout!! Such a small world, that is crazy! :)

  4. Looks like a fab time. :)
    Your deployment is getting so close to being done!

  5. You guys are so cute together! I'm glad you enjoyed r&r! :)

  6. That was almost four weeks ago...you're getting so close! So proud of you and so SO excited for your mr. to be home!