R&R part three: Santa Cruz

If you're late to the party catch up on part one and part two. We're onto one of the best parts of R&R, Santa Cruz. Mr's one request was a mini vaca, so I honored his wishes and booked us a beach house in my favorite place. I think it's Mr's favorite place now too, or it will be once he's been married to me long enough :)

We started off our trip with a walk down to Pleasure Pizza. The best pizza in town and an absolute must eat.  I want this in my belly...right now.

We finished off our night with some grocery shopping and hot tubbing. I saw the most amazing shooting star while we were in the spa. It literally looked like fire falling from the sky.

The next day we woke up and decided to go for a walk down Pac Ave. Followed by an evening beach trip.

Day three was our favorite day. We started out with a walk down to East Cliff to watch the surfers and drink some coffee.

The lady at this doughnut place was outrageous. She was so excited to have customers and skipped around all over her store.  I've never met someone SO enthusiastic about terrible doughnuts and watered down coffee. She was certainly a lady to remember!

After our doughnut shop experience we found our spot on East Cliff and watched surfers for about an hour and a half. There was a father teaching his daughter how to surf and that kept us entertained for almost the entire hour. She was adorable.

We had to wait around until about 1 everyday for the clouds to burn off so we could go to the beach.  So after watching the surfers we took a little walk down E. Cliff and found our dream home. This backs up to the beach and is perfect in just about every way!

For some reason, unknown to me, I stopped taking pictures after our walk. What the crap? I dont even know. We finished off our trip with a TERRIBLE dinner on the Wharf followed by Mr getting pooed on by a seagull.

MR: *wipes face and sweater* Do I have poo on my face?
MRS: *sees brown liquid smeared down side of MR's face and droplets on sweater* Yes babe..you do *giggles*
MR: you're kidding me!

GRODY to the max. But absolutely hilarious. (Looking back you're giggling right Mr?)

We decided that after all our Wharf misfortune we might have better luck at the Boardwalk only to wait in line for the Big Dipper 45 minutes and have it close down. Sad day. But not really because it was still our best day. Although our dinner was awful, Mr had poo face and our favorite ride was closed..we were able to joke and laugh about our unfortunate events. We had romantic walks along the Wharf and Boardwalk and made some fabulous memories!

OH..and we woke up to this every morning. Beautimous.


  1. Love all these pics! And I love your hat in the pictures from the beach, so cute! And hello can I move into that house with you?! promise you wont even know I am there! ;) sounds like you had a great time :) and that pizza just made me hungry!

  2. Yep, Santa Cruz is one of the greatest towns ever! :-) Mr. F and I miss it everyday and are looking to buy a place in our favorite neighborhood, Seabright. Next time you go let me know and I'll give you some recommendations for good eats!

  3. Looks like you guys are having lots of fun!! I love your beach hat that is too cute!!

  4. I love this. Sounds like y'all had a really great R&R. Thank God for photographs!

  5. You're torturing me, lady! I miss Santa Cruz so much. Hopefully my brother will go to school there. It'll give me an excuse to visit. That house is gorgeous, and you two look so happy! (happy despite the bird poop..hilarious.)

  6. awww, good memories.
    that's so funny about the doughnut shop lady. hehe!

  7. I just scrolled through all your beautiful pics and then scrolled back up to stare at the veggie pizza. Looks. So. Good. :)

  8. lol! i have to reiterate what Michele said, i couldn't stop staring at your pizza. ;D I love mini vacays!! i soooooo need to go on one with my Mr. it's been a year since we did anything together just the two of us, bleh. I love all the pics and the romantical walks and talks and funny memories!! All your pics make me miss my California so much. So glad you had him back for a while it makes it all worth it!! cutie couple!!


  9. i love the documentation! what a good guy for letting you take so many pictures...pretty impressive MR :)

  10. So glad he's home, so glad you guys are enjoying your time together!
    Love the hat. and the shoes! =)