R&R part five: Tattoo and a Recap

If I don't document the details, I know I'd be upset down the road, so for memory's sake here's the final details of Mr's R&R trip!

Mr has wanted a half sleeve ever since I can remember. The idea of it made me nervous for a long time, but after seeing the excitement in his eyes every time he talked about it, the excitement began rolling off to me. Once we decided that the half sleeve was absolutely happening, the debate between color vs black and grey began. Mr wanted color..I wanted black and grey..in the end, his long time dream of a half sleeve, color tattoo became a reality.

And the final result!

The rose is for his wifey and the ship is for the sake of Art. He couldn't be happier with the outcome and I think he looks mega sexy ;)

Our final date was spent at the movies, seeing Friends With Benefits. It took a little convincing for Mr to watch a movie with J.Timberlake as the main man, but he ended up liking the movie a lot! Then we met up to have a drink with his buddies so he could show off the new ink. By this point, we both realized our time was dwindling but kept our spirits up so we could enjoy our final day together. We relaxed all morning and afternoon, listening to Pandora and eventually turned on Tangled. YES, Mr watched J.Timberlake and Tangled within a matter of days. He's wonderful! For dinner we made homemade pizza and danced around the kitchen while listening to music. Couldn't have been any more perfect!

Having Mr home was something I had anticipated more than anything all year (obviously). But it was better than I could have ever planned for. We got a small taste of married life and it made both of us even more excited for his permanent return. Although R&R was everything we had hoped, it was still bittersweet. Getting that small taste of married life and then letting it go, so soon, was harder than either of us had prepared for. Believe it or not, the send off for R&R was 10x harder than the initial deployment goodbye.

Mr went back to Iraq nearly two weeks ago, but he'll be home again soon. I started my new job three days after he left and my senior year of college a week after. We've adjusted back to our terrible Skype connection and opposite schedules/time zones. Our lives fell back into old routines just as we knew they would, but every time I think of the special two weeks we spent together I feel blessed to have Mr in my life.


  1. Cool tattoo! Such fun memories! Only a few more months and he'll be home for more than R&R :)

  2. awwww. adjustments again.
    time will fly, dear, it will! :)
    on the other hand, you're really pretty.
    and that tattoo is a.w.e.s.o.m.e.

  3. I felt the same way about R&R. It was SO nice to have him home, but it felt like a really big TEASE. Like the Army gives them back to you just so you can get used to having them there...and then they take him back again. =/ But I felt like the 2nd half of the deployment went much faster than the first half, so I hope it feels the same for you! I was upset when he had to go back - obviously - but I knew that I could do another 6 months because I'd already done it once. And homecoming is a bazillion times better than R&R. =)

  4. oh my gosh, his tattoo looks UH-MA-ZING. awesome job. (did mr. get it done by a guy named aaron by any chance? the tattoo artist looks really familiar.)

    i loved reading all these posts, darling; i'm so happy you documented them! and i'm so glad that you and mr. got to fully enjoy his R&R and got a little taste of what married life is like...it's about time, huh!

    i can totally understand why leaving him the second time around was harder...being back for only a quick second and then leaving again. :( i can't even imagine.

    i hope this next chunk of times absolutely flies by for the both of you and i will be praying for you--for love and joy, even on the hard days. and for the safety of mr.

    i love you!

  5. p.s. that new picture of you? so freakin cute. why are you so adorable! ;)

  6. You are so pretty! Seriously...I just think you're darling!

  7. I pray that the time until he's home again flies by as quickly as his R&R did for you two. Take care!!

  8. He's going to be home in no time! You're getting there :) I know that doesn't help, sorry! BUT that sleeve looks awesome and surprisingly J.T is a really good actor. I also watched Tangled a couple weeks ago and it was so cute I think I cried!

  9. Can't wait for him to come home to you again! I know how hard it is living without your other half =(