R&R part two: Back to normal

All right so, we leave the airport quickly. Sure planes are cool and everything..I mean they practically fly themselves (friends with benefits anyone? ;)) But we didn't feel like sticking around. There was 9 months of catching up to be had.

I expected there to be a short period of reacquainting with each other after being apart so long. Some awkward conversations, weird interaction..you know, things that all us military wives are warned about. Well we kicked that rumor aside the minute our car doors closed. My favorite conversation:

MR: You'll be proud of me
MRS: What for?
MR: I brought crafts
MRS: What kind?
MR: You'll just have to wait and see!

Crafts? I mean really! A man after my own heart. I scored, I know. We maid 550 cord bracelets. There was carving with a knife and using a lighter involved. Crafty, yet still manly.

Our first stop was Chipotle, naturally. The man hadn't had it in 9 months, nor had he eaten in a few plus hours so food was crucial. It's important to note that Mr is not bald ;).

So we brought our Chipotle home and yada yada bowchickabowwow (sorry mom and mil). Then Mr slept for about 6 hours. After he woke up there was important business to take care of. His first manly duty after arriving home, besides being sexy of course.

GRODY. Spiders aren't welcome anywhere near my living quarters. Mr's are great for disposing of them.

The next day it was obviously time for a sushi date. What better way to share your love than over raw fish, right? Just kidding..I don't eat anything raw! But here we are for date #1..which was followed by a visit to his friend's work..a cute local coffee shop.

I wont recap every night..that's what journaling is for. But I'll hit on most nights. Night two was full of beer and BJ's..Brewery that is ;)...you had to expect some crude humor after 9 months apart. I'm sexually deprived for your freedom. You're welcome.

Anyway, we had some beer and food with my family then went to a funny movie.

My living room looked like this for a few days.

But I liked it because it meant my lover was home.

Ending with a cliche phrase leaves you with warm fuzzies doesn't it?


  1. HAHA I loved the whole sexual humor. I would totally be the same way! You are so cute, I love your hair!

  2. So happy for you! I also love the sexual humor haha :)

  3. So sweet! I'm glad y'all had a great R&R! :)


  4. I'm so glad you got a chance to see your hubby. I am catching up now on your R&R posts. Adorable pictures by the way. (Has anyone ever told you you look like Kristin Cavallari?)

    It is so nice to have a man around those house. Especially when spiders attack!!

    Can't wait to read more.

  5. So happy for you, sounds like you had a great R&R. And I LOVE BJ's, amazing restaurant.

  6. First off you look great!! Second love the crude humor!! Third so happy for you that he's home!!

  7. Hahahaha, ahhhhh, the crude humor joke made me laugh!! Thank you for depriving yourself sexually so that we can be free! : )

  8. Loved everything about this post, including the sexual humor! haha

  9. you two make such a sweet couple! love this post :)

  10. I love this! What a great time. I just had R&R with my man and OMG I want to go back in time so badly!
    I know how it goes with the crude jokes, haha. Try going out to dinner with your man PLUS three of his best buds. ;) Oh brother...

    How much longer until deployment's up? x

  11. AHHH! That's hilarious about BJs. Used to work there and wow I have a funny story about one time when a man asked for the vibrator...meaning the PAGER you get when you put your name down. WOW. I tried to be composed. Okay, way to inappropriate for a comment oopsie (:

    So glad you had such a wonderful time! Super deserved (:

  12. beers and bj's lol! i'm glad you stuck it out for the 9mo and that now it seems the time apart will be short in comparison. :) i love mr's doing manly things!!! hooray!! ;D