my grandpa

Our Fourth of July was somewhat laid back this year.
We usually spend it out at the lake or camping but with Mr being gone
and our friends being spread over the map I decided
to spend the night at my grandparent's house which overlooks
the river (amazing view) and watch fireworks from their
pool deck! My parents and one other family friend joined us.
It was a quiet but fun night, I always love
going to Nana and Grandpa's house.

We're still getting our grandparents used to technology
so every time I whip out the iPhone we have to remind them it's a
computer+camera+iPod+phone all in one.
It never makes sense to them,
and always makes us laugh.

Here's some video of Grandpa from the fourth,
in the first one he couldn't quite understand that my phone was taking video.
The second one he sang a song about me and I plan
to keep that video for ever and ever :)

**other note worthy moments from the night*
Dad and Grandpa serenading us throughout the firework show and
neighbors clapping after each song,
as they overheard the singing from their own back yards.
 This is only one of many clips..

Grandpa taking me around his yard so I can get the most opportune photos
with my iPhone..since there's a camera on it of course.
He was especially concerned that I get a picture of the vultures that hang out in his trees
and the garden he's been planting on the side yard. 
I almost think he's convinced that's the camera I use for photo shoots
and I'll continue to let him think that because it's cute.

we made good memories 
had lots of laughs
and apparently sang for a good
portion of the night.


  1. Awwww, y'all are the cutest little family ever!! How funny that they can't really grasp the concept of the iPhone!! Those videos are definitely things to keep forever!

  2. that is too cute about your grandpa. hah, i love the memories.
    aw, darnit...the videos aren't working for me. :(