Etsy love

I have a recent obsession with online shopping and even more so with Etsy 
and all the hand-made goodness there.  I find that it's more special to me when
it's hand-made because someone spent time making it and it's their passion.
Just gives a little spin of happiness to it, don't you think?

My Gussy Sews headband came in the mail last week and
I was so excited!
It's bright in these pictures so it's hard to see,
but that means you want to click that link and check out
her shop so you can see just how 
amazing it is, right?
That's what I thought.

A couple weeks ago the lovely Megan over at Mackey Madness hosted an awesome
giveaway from the Say Your Piece shop.  I won this cute ring dish and just had 
to show it off to y'all. I love it so much and was so excited to win my first giveaway!
Do you like how I threw in the "y'all" since we're talking about Megan here :)

I wasn't endorsed by Say Your Piece or Gussy Sews
all opinions and pictures are my own.


  1. I love etsy too! I could just browse for hours and hours! I actually have the window open right now in a tab! super cute stuff!

  2. Sooo cute! Love the headband and the ring plate from Meg's giveaway. I'll get one when I'm married someday...ya know, so all three of us can match! (:

  3. i'm so addicted to Etsy its not even funny. ok, maybe it is. if i could, i would buy everything.

    cute stuff btw!

  4. I love etsy!! The headband looks great!

  5. i love the ring dish holder and the headband!! So freaking adorable. :)


    you look adorable!!

  6. Ahhhhhh!! I love your plate!! I'm so glad that you won!! : ) And you are THE cutest thing ever!!

  7. I love your new layout!! and yay for winning Megan's giveaway! It's so cute :D

  8. You have such pretty hair! Perfect for headband modeling. Also, your ring is fabulous!

  9. Oh so cute! I never get on Etsy cause I know how dangerous it is!! haha!