Fourth of July Inspiration and DIY

If I was throwing a fourth of July party and had my own home
these are a few of the things I would do and make!
I'm so excited for the day I can do all of this, but until then I'll dream.

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Since my husband's in the Army, I figured I'd go all out in decorating
our little place with patriotic stuff this time of year. But time got away from me and it's almost the fourth already. 
I haven't had the motivation I thought would be there
but here's a little smidge of patriotic popping up in my house so far. I plan to shop til I drop at JoAnn's tomorrow since there's some crazy amazing sales going on. 
But this is the start of it!
These balls and rosettes were all DIY and easy to do!


  1. that top picture is honestly aaaamazing! Are people really that cool and decorate that much for the 4th?! I need to get my act together! :)

  2. Oh fun! I love all of these ideas. Hope you have a wonderful weekend, girl! (: Let's plan a get together soon!

  3. cute rosettes:) you're so good at crafting!

  4. Oh my gosh, I have a house and it's definitely not decorated all cute like that!!