let's address the
elephant in the room.
i can't seem to make up my mind
on a blog design. 
either that,
or i'm addicted to photoshop. 
i'm not claiming one or the other
i'll let you be the judge.
just don't be mean, capiche?
it's like rearranging a room
sometimes it takes a 
few tries to get it right.
you know?

in other news,
i'm taking summer school. and it starts in less than 13 days.
boo for that.
summer will be here come july but
graduation next spring is like music to my ears
so until then i will study
and study
and then study some more.

so i can have a career in photography?
i know, doesn't make sense to me either.
but i study because
i know i should get my degree.
or maybe i just say that 
to convince myself.
who wants to persuade me all this
school stuff is worth it?
i'm all ears.
but not toes and arms.
just ears.
ready set go..


  1. i love the header! And you get me thinking about how I'm going to be changing mine soon...get's me excited :)

    And about school...stick with it!! You'll be so glad you did :) You never know what will come up (kiddos maybe;) I planned on getting my bachelors degree...but I took a break to work, then we got pregnant...so I hurried back to school and just finished (two weeks) ago for my associates. I want to be home with my boy (and future kids) and plan to go back to finish my degree. I wouldn't have my life go any other way...but I know that a degree is SUCH a great accomplishment and asset. Good luck with summer school! =)

  2. PS - those pictures of you studying are too cute ;) I sure hope you sent those to your sweetheart! He'd be able to show off pictures of his gorgeous, smart wifey :)

  3. Hi there! I just found your blog and I have to say I absolutely love the title! Great bible verse that goes along with the Lilies of the Field. I am so excited to find one more Christian MilSpouse out here in blog land. I am looking forward to following your blog :)

  4. I love your new header. But I totally feel ya on changing my design all the time. Anywho, I say go for it on getting your degree. I graduated with a bachelors in public health, and even though I'm not using it (since I'm a stay-at-home mama), it's good to know that I have knowledge to a certain degree (no pun intended) to get a good job someday when the kids get older and are in school or whatever. It's a feel good to have a degree. :)

  5. you're darling.

    and i LOVE the new header!

  6. I have a habit of changing my blog...alot. I need to figure out a few more things then maybe I can stay with something for longer than 2 days :)
    Stick with school! You will get through it in no time :)
    Love the pictures of you with the book. Too cute.

  7. I change my blog a ton, so I can't say anything about someone else doing the same. As for school, it will definitely be worth it and you never know when you might need it. Says the girl who has no formal degree and can't use the one she has for anything.

  8. aww i only wish i had photo-shop. i mean, on my laptop. the desktop in our house has it, but i'd be more willing to dive into it if it were on my personal computer.
    the point is: i'm jealous of your moving-the-room-around skillz!!! heck yeah. you're good at it.
    what degree are you going for?

    hope you're having a lovely thursday, darling!

  9. Someone needs to persuade me about school too. I'm sick of it, but it's smart to have that degree and whatnot ha. As for the blog design, I'm always changing mine too obviously ha I love your header!

  10. Awesome on the school!

    And this design is so perfect. I adore it, really!

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  12. I plan on just doing photography annnndd graphic art design. Hmm, I hope it goes well! And good luck to you. It should be a fun year. :)

  13. Congrats on getting this far :)

    P.S. - Don't forget to enter the necklace giveaway on my blog!!

  14. I really like your blog design. No worries. Sometimes I just get in a change it up mood and love to play in photoshop.

    Have fun with school!