she is the very best friend I ever did have

Everyone needs to get themselves a Linard in their life,
she's my super rad best friend.
She lets me vent about anything and everyone.. ahem everything.
She and her hubs are always there for me,
Lindard brings me flowers on military spouse appreciation days and always has goodies
to bake when I come over.
She's there to celebrate birthdays and is all around stupendous.
Ross, the hubs is pretty cool too
whether he is notifying me of the eviction notice I'll be receiving as a result for cutting flowers
around my apartment complex [which btw Ross, I have yet to see..]
or watching Gay's Anatomy with us [as he coined the term]
it's nice to have him around.
 I'm a blessed gal to have Linard and Ross in my life.
Congrats to the graduate I'm so proud of her!

I inducted myself into her family yesterday, I think I'll be a nice addition.

Love you best're like a sister to me :)

que "aww" here.


  1. AW, I bet friends like that are the best :) Such cute pictures!

  2. Aren't best friends just super?! Seriously, I love them. You're looking quite cute, my friend! :D

  3. awwww.
    same here.
    i mean, for me and my best friend.
    we're both in the top 3 siblings of several in either family, so we've got a lot of siblings practice. lol.
    which means: either ignoring annoying people or being annoying back. both stubborn and capable of being nice, too. ;)
    sweet post!!!

  4. hahaha.. how cute. And I totally don't get the GAY'S anatomy joke but I would be interested in reading about how that came to exist... Please excuse me I don't watch the show so I'm very out of the loop. Lol. I am so glad you got inducted into the family. I love being apart of new families.. I have probably been apart of 7 over the course of my 21 years on earth. ha ha


  5. that's definitely an "awwww"-worthy moment :) There's nothing like a stellar bff (aka sister from another mister....did i go too far? haha) Glad Linard and her hubby are such great friends with you & your hubs! :) And congrats to her!

    PS - the fact that she brings you flowers on military spouse appreciation days makes me smile :) what a sweetheart!

  6. wow, that's really sweet :) i love the photos :)

    lol at above comment on 'sister from another mister' HAHA americans leave me speechless ;) just kidding!

    love your blog.xx

  7. Aww how nice of you! It's great to have a friend like that who is always there :)

  8. hey now lynard seems pretty stinkin cool! I AM so incredibly proud of you and you have no idea how important youve been in our lives and i know youll always be! i love you mucho my friend! :)