dave matthews band

mr loves DMB

wait..he's obsessed.

and he sings this song to me from time to time

in the car

with vibrato..

or so he thinks.

he'll say, "did you hear that? clearly vibrato"

i'll say, "if vibrato was a lack in pitch change and flat singing, sure that was vibrato"

then he'll say, "nicolai [ni-kol-eye], it was vibrato."

and i'll say, "okay, babe"


though i tease of his vibrato-ness,
the lyrics of this song are just about perfect
and i love when he sings it to me.
mr's vibrato-ness just makes me giggle.


  1. where's the song?? i love Dave Matthews Band tooooooo, on one of our first dates, Teddy put one earphone in my ear and one in his and played, "Lover Lay Down" while dancing with me in the dark at the park!! sigh..so cute. Lover Lay Down was our wedding song we danced to together as a couple!
    i love how guys give us nicknames, i've had about 23786456million since we've been dating and almost 10yrs of marriage, hahahaa!

  2. oh sorry, it popped up when i refreshed the page, love DMB...man, this makes me think of teddy so much!!

  3. That's so sweet. Love it. :)

  4. AW, that's so sweet :) You guys just make me melt with your cuteness!

  5. This is so absolutely precious. I just love y'all!

  6. i've never heard any dave matthews band songs by choice. i just ...never checked them out.

    i love that song!
    and the scene describing the discussion vibrato? hilarious. adorable:)

  7. Aww! I love when my husband and I sing together. Makes my day!
    ps. I loved your about me page. Your favorite verse is my favorite too!

  8. hahaha! vibrato. cute :)


  9. How cute! He sings to you. That is so sweet :). Lol