superb driver here

i'm really excellent when it comes to cars.

three days after i purchased my car (new yrs eve), a hub cap fell off mid drive..
bouncing back, scratching, and denting my car

two weeks ago i pulled into a cement post while parking at school
and put a nice shiner on my license plate.

last week i locked my keys in the trunk.

today i ran over a tire on the freeway. 
a nice man did indeed pull over to the side of the freeway with me and
duct tape my car back together.

perhaps i should invest in a bike, or public transportation.

especially with the recent jump in gas prices. maybe i'll save a few bucks.

and on a side note...
i cannot WAIT for friday.
i've jumped onto the bandwagon.


  1. aww, sounds like you just have really horrible luck, my dear. but on a positive note, sounds like God has blessed you with a few angels to help you out!

    those cartoons are hilarious. that little biking man has the right idea!

  2. Haha. Love both of the cartoons! Seems like you are a car problem magnet! It's okay...we have ALL done a few things to our cars. Just a few bumps and bruises.

  3. Well, maybe you could get a car freshner with that "new car smell"? Maybe that would make all the duct tape and keys locked in the car, all go away?

    I am so totally bummed! I will miss the royal wedding because I'll be at the milblogging conference! Well, I'm glad I'll be at the conference, but sad I'll miss the wedding. I'll have my mom dvr it for me so I can watch it with her later.

  4. oooh dang, duct-taped together? at least there was someone to help:)

  5. Oh dear!
    To make you feel better....I just ran my roommates car into a pole. First incident I've EVER had with a car, of course! And we don't get along, so you can imagine how terrible getting it fixed was!

  6. car problems follow me like a bad curse! as long as you're safe and not hurt, cars are things and they can be fixed.

    and i am also on the royal wedding bandwagon! robert and i have planned a royal breakfast feast for our family and friends. starting at 6 a.m., we're gathering to watch the nuptials together. it's a bit much, indeed, but we love any excuse to fellowship.

    people are saying that with the wars going on, and so much weather-related turmoil, we shouldn't be focusing on the wedding. i say that's exactly why we need things like this. to keep us sane, connected and optimistic.