tv turn off week

i have a confession.
this last week was
national turn off your tv week.

i know what you're asking..
why would such a week exist
when tv is so educational 
and informative and
allows you to 
feel so
i asked these questions too.

i was assigned to turn off my tv all week
and write a paper about my experiences.

the problem is,
i did not just subscribe to
one month free of netflix and watch Army Wives 

i'd also like to make it clear that
i did not sit on Skype with Mr and
watch fantasy factory.

and just so we're all on the same page
i did not watch ellen degeneres
everyday at 4 p.m.
since the kids i nanny for were
on spring break this week so i could finally
watch her for the first time
all semester.

looks like this paper
will be a breeze
with all the tv watching



  1. I really don't think I could go a week without tv.
    Mostly for the kids and th background noise.
    Even if the kids are sleeping, I still have it on cartoons half the time.
    It's completely background noise to me.
    I had no idea such a week existed.

  2. ohhh my dear:) sounds like a fun week. ;) i've only seen a couple episodes of ellen and she cracks me up.

    i love this post.
    it's a piece of your honest to goodness life.

  3. Hahahaha. Why would anyone want to turn the tv off? I just don't get it. : )

  4. girl i feel you. we haven't had cable for about 8 months. it sucks at first, but you get sooo much other stuff done. sucks though when it's saturday and all you wanna do is watch Sleepless in Seattle for the millionth time on TBS. : )

  5. ahahahaha!! sometimes i think my children will die if they don't get to watch their "shows" i should try it for just one day and see what happens. but then sneak up to my own room and watch food network and all "my" shows i DVR during the day and watch when they go to bed. I'd be good at "not" watching too...hahaha!

  6. hahaha, this made me laugh so much!

    you are really, really cute.

  7. hahahaha!
    I am such a tv addict! I try to keep my munchkin away from it except for like an hour in the evening. She is actually pretty good at staying away from it too.
    Me, I go nuts without the noise. I am so use to it being on that I have to have it on if it is just for the noise. It is on when I study, read, do housework, pretty much anything. I have a goal to go without tv for 30 days (not necessarily in a row). Not sure if I'll make it LOL

  8. haha that darn netflix. Sucks you in every time! Thank you for your kind comment on my hemo story. Made me smile :)

  9. I read this yesterday and laughed my butt off. So hilarious! No way in heck could I go without TV!