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Before I begin, I came across some valuable info for all my Tuesday linkup friends! 
There's this thing called geotagging installed on
all smart phones.
This is something that you want to disable.
Geotagging enables the GPS system in your smart phone.
It allows the location of all your pictures to be known.
It provides the longitude and latitude of the location your picture was taken at.
So, to prevent weirdos from using the geotagging from your pictures
go to "icanstalku.com" and look for directions on how to turn this off.
If you have the iPhone 4 here's the instructions
settings>general>location services
from this point, check only the "off" tab on all of your camera apps. 
I guess this feature is used so that if you can't remember where you took 
a picture, it can be re-located through your geotagging
but I remember where I take my pics and I'm sure you do too
so hurry up and disable this thing. 
Anyway, hope that helped some of you out a little!


 Okay now that your phones are all safe, lets play!

I found this sea foam green purse at 
Urban Outfitters
and I must have it!

My makeup put itself in a purdy pile 
so I captured the moment.

 Merry Christmas to meeee!
Isn't she amazing?

Why does he have perfect girl hand writing?
At least he was creative.

Name this game.

I'm a little disappointed with my favorite store.
Baithing suits?
really now, it's freakin January.
Notice: right next to the umbrellas,
remember what season you're in Target.

I think she forgot it wasn't 1999 anymore.

auto correct sheesh
He always brings a smile to my face

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  1. I am so impressed with the bench photo! Amazing!
    What's up with target!? I noticed the bathing suits when I was Christmas shopping! Crazy!

  2. Ooooh, the bench.
    Oh my!! Target just weirds me out sometimes...but they're still one of my favorite stores.

  3. first, i have my husband under "hubby" in my phone too, sweet!
    i want that bag. and lastly, Target is having identity crisis, no one wants to look at those things after we just gorged during Christmas and New Years! DUH!! ;)

  4. I agree, that bench picture is amazing. =)
    I saw a man using a walkman at the gym a few weeks ago. I should have taken a picture!! Crazy!

  5. I got the Kobo for Christmas and I freakin' love that thing!! The bench shot is a.maze.ing

  6. i think this is made my favorite post you've done so far! it made me laugh out loud and also, you are pretty freaking adorable :)

  7. p.s. that purse is soo cute, i want one too!

  8. I hate auto correct!! It's HELL, not HE'LL!!

  9. lmao so the auto-correct made me laugh hysterically. I think the Chippendale's dancer will go far! Id give em money ;D

  10. we have a homeless guy on the corner in my town whose sign says, "homeless. looking for a job or a rich woman." it's awesome.

    ok everytime i come to ur blog i fall in love all over again. i love this place. and ur pictures are so inviting. keep doing what ur doing. it's working!!

  11. Those last 3 pics were hilarious!