I went to Barnes & Noble today. I walked around and browsed the books. There was really interesting music playing in the background that made me stop and think for some reason. It was at that point I realized I needed to stop living in fear of what could happen. I don't want to live in constant fear and depression because my husband is in a war. He's there because God placed him there. It's not something I promise to never be depressed or scared about, but it certainly shouldn't consume me. I don't know why God chose this for my husband and I, there's a million questions I have for Him once I see Him someday. But for now, that all consuming fear isn't something that should be part of my everyday. It's not something that will be easy but why not dwell on the simple things in life, like a yummy cup of coffee, a super awesome bible verse or a good book? I'm going to try and consciously do more of that, no matter how hard it gets.


  1. dwelling on the better, beneficial, positive things....that's a good reminder.

  2. this post has a lot of truth to it and is inspiring. I totally love your new header too! the design is perfect. ♥