Baby Girl

all images © Chestnut Tree Photography
This is my niece. 
She's precious in every way.
There's something about her little pony
and tiny little feet that always make me smile :)
Little boys say funny things and are always good for a laugh,
they're outgoing and silly
but little girls...
they find a place in your heart and make it 
nice, cozy and warm
because they're 
so darn cute.
Little people are so fun.
Your Auntie and Uncle love you baby girl!

(Mr and I love our nephew equally as much,
really he's the coolest kid we know.
He just went through surgery at the age of 4
and made it through like a trooper!
his post will come later though.) 


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  1. the photo of the feet just melts my heart... so cute!!

  2. i have to say, i completely agree, seeing as I have 4 girlies myself. ;)