A new year.
A fresh start.
A breath of fresh air.
It may sound 
on the first day
of January.
But, it's stereotypical for a reason.
I believe new years are a gift from God.
It's a chance to
start anew, begin a process,
continue with your success.
Sometimes the chance to start anew 
feels rejuvenating.
Don't you think?
  Last year had ups and downs
twists and turns
heart ache and heart warmings.
With each new trial I grew in my faith.
With each new blessing I grew as a person.
Here's to a fresh and rejuvenating 


Most years I'm against resolutions,
because most years once February hits
we forget a resolution once existed.
You never lost that weight,
You still gossiped,
You're just as greedy as you were 30 days ago.
And when you remember that resoultion
you made on January One,
you feel defeated that you already forgot.
And when I say you,
I mean me too.
So this year I want to try something different.
Realistic resolutions, if you will. 

 I want to read 25 books this year.
That's 2 books a month,
and time well spent.

I want to read my Bible everyday.
no exceptions.

and lastly...

Project 3.6.5.
One year, 365 days.
A picture a day.
join me here as I journey through.


  1. Hmmmm. Love this post.
    And I'd love to do the 365 but currently don't have a camera!! Really need to work on remedying that....

  2. Sounds you have a fantastic plan.

    Good luck with your resolutions! :)

  3. it's so true about resolutions, you feel like a failure if you don't accomplish them. So i'm definitely going to just try adjusting my attitude and living a healthy life inside and out, from now on. it won't end on Dec 31st 2011, it will continue on! i'm jealous of your photography, i've always wanted to do it!! so cool, i seriously need a REAL camera. :)

  4. oh i LOVE your resolutions..even though i suck at them.

  5. u rock lady!!! this is going to be a great year. i just know it. i know u can do ur goals. i'll stay on u about it!! hows that?!