Laundry Mishap

As of lately, I noticed our dryer was taking an
abnormally long time 
to dry our clothes. 
When I say abnormally, 
I mean 2 cycles for a small load of clothes 
and 3-4 cycles to dry a small load of towels. 
I just assumed that being in an apartment they bought us appliances from a crap hole place and I should just deal with high electric bills and setting aside 
entire days 
for just one load of laundry. 
Well, this past week I spent some time over at my friend's apartment since her husband recently left for basic training with the 
Coast Guard
I noticed we had the same washer dryer combo and decided to ask how many times she has to dry her clothes before they're actually dry.    
She looked at me like I was crazy and that's when I knew  
we had a problem
Our dryer was broken and I was going to have to call stupid maintenance and cause all sorts of raucous.
As I was mentally preparing the things I would say
to the office girls about our  
dryer problem 
my friend asked how often I clean out the lint screen. 
"ummmm..everytime I dry clothes..duh..
what kind of suzy homemaker do you think I am?" 
 So fast forward a day and it's time for me to do laundry. 
I set aside a good portion of my day for the task at hand. 
The washer finishes washing and I decided to pull out 
Mr Lint Collector 
and clean it out just to be sure.
(never mind that my wrist doesn't fully exist here..I do however have one)
 so I clean up all the ick and grossness around the lint screen and in the hole where the lint screen goes. 
Then I felt something furry where my thumb was sitting.
"why is there lint inside the lint collector?" 
was my exact thought, and as it came out in my mind I knew how dumb that very statement was. 
 turns out, it opens up.
And this very yummy surprise was all bundled up and cozy inside.
holy freaking disgustingness
I felt like such a dirt ball. 
We have only lived here for 2 months!
There's no way we could have acquired this much lint in that amount of time, right?
Which lead me to the conclusion that whoever lived here before us did not know about the secret door
mr lint collector had either.
so there you have it. 
our dryer does indeed work, and quite well actually.
I put a medium size load in today for just 
40 minutes! 
This is such an exciting thing for me because now I will no longer have 
laundry days
just laundry hours here and there. 
Good thing I didn't make a fool of myself
down at the front office


  1. ahahahah!
    oh, that's great.
    wow. so glad you didn't go to anyone before you explored it...
    gosh, that's gross. :\

  2. omg! LOL I am rolling, you poor thing!! I don't know how I could deal with having to take hours to do laundry, I would have already found my way to the laundry mat. LOL

  3. AAH! That is insane! I bet your dryer is so much happier now! :)

    You're my Weekly Featured Blogger, thanks to your participation in Saturday Around The World! Congrats!! Your blog is adorable, & I had a lot of fun writing up my little review for you! Head on over to & check it out! Don't forget to grab the button too, if you'd like!

    And girl, I know how hard these deployments are. I'm going through one too. You're so strong & doing so well!! ♥

  4. so i just spent the last 10 minutes going over some of your posts and seriously laughing at each one...You know it is a good sign when u keep reading post after post...thus, you are now lucky enough to have me as a follower. Congratulations.

    I joke..

    not about following though. that is serious.


    nor-cal is one of my favorite places on from southern california, but have loads of family in northern cali..the husband and I are considering moving there when we finish our little stint in england.

  5. Hahahaha. When my husband was a bachelor he had that problem. He didn't even discover the lint trap until a girlfriend did laundry at his place.

  6. I'm a new follower as well! Sorry about the lint, now you have me worried about my own dryer...we just moved into this apartment a month ago. Time to do some snooping.

    I'm also glad to see that you're from norcal! Like the previous poster, I from Socal (San Diego), but I went to school up in Santa Cruz. I miss California so much! I'll just have to live vicariously through your photos.

    Have a great day ♥

  7. Love your blog! Just wanted to let you know we gave you a blog award!! Check it out here....

    Karen & SueAnn

  8. Bonjour ! I found your blog through Amand & Don's weekly featured blogger and I'm not disappointed ! Your photos are amazing !! I'm your newest follower :) Bisous from Paris !

  9. Holy crap!! I did the EXACT same thing when we lived in student housing during college!! Only I didn't think there was a lint filter because it was in the back of the dryer:) 2 months later I had the same awakening!

  10. Oh my gosh...that is SO funny!!! Haha!! Our dryer stopped working good once and the lint had actually backed up into the vent and basically was about to catch on fire. Good times.

  11. I have to be honest, this is the post that sent me to the "follow" button! I love your stories and your photography, can't wait to read more!