All Dressed Up

I'm so excited to show off my new stuff and get

with the Lady today!

The left picture makes me look weirdly out of proportion 
but just ignore that :)
 cardigan: Forever 21, shirt: Forever 21, pants: Ross, shoes: Target, 
owl necklace: Forever 21, purse: thrifted

I found this purse at a thrift store this week for $4.25 
so stoked! 

Since Mr is deployed right now
I thought it might be fun to incorporate 
some sort of yellow 
in my everyday outfits
 Whether that yellow comes from 
my purse
a necklace
or a stripe on my shirt
I want it to represent that 
lovely yellow ribbon 
you see on cars and around trees
I'll try and keep up with it daily
until he comes back home to me
Just as a reminder to pray for him 
and our other service members through out my day
I think this purse shall do just the trick 
on most days 


  1. Your whole outfit is adorable! I don't do dress up, but I would totally wear that. And I get what you're saying about the yellow. My husband has been in Iraq for the past 4 years working (he's a contractor) so I should be doing something like this as well.

  2. Okay, I'm jealous of that purse in a big way! So cute! I love a good thrifting find!

  3. Cute purse and outfit! What a great idea to wear yellow everyday! :)

  4. luv the whole outfit! i need a colorful sweater, so cute! and hello, thrift store bargain finds are the BEST!!

  5. i'm seriously jealous of ur bag too. that is a sweet find. and i love the yellow idea. i might steal it.

  6. That purse is amazing. Great find!

  7. LOVE that purse! So cute, I seriously need to go thrifting. And yes my pjs are old navy.:D they are so comfy and cute, so awesome we are rockin' the same pair, makes me feel like I have good taste after seeing all your cute clothes.

  8. You're outfit is adorable, and what a sweet way to show your support for our troops. (the yellow every day)

  9. So cute! I need someone like you as a shopping buddy. I am fashion stupid.

  10. Thanks for the "thrift porn" I am in South Korea and so miss American thrift stores! I salivate when I see people grab some great deals! Good job and I am loving mustard yellow!! I think this is the cutest, cleanest milspouse blog I have ever seen! Looking forward to reading more!