Thank Yous Are In Order

Hello to all my new followers! 
I can't believe there are 63 of you 
that care what I have to say.
It may not sound like a lot to most 
but I started this blog as an outlet while my
husband is deployed overseas 
and I never thought other people
would find my little life interesting.
So thank you all for taking time to read my rants
and caring about what I have to say.
I truly love and appreciate all your support.


A big thank you also to Amanda over at Amanda & Don.
 She featured me on her blog today 
and brought over a lot of my new lovelies!
Please make sure to stop by her blog and  
show her some love.
She's adorable and 
living life without her hubs right now,
as he is overseas as well.
Thank you again for featuring me Amanda, 
that brightened my day.


Next thank you in order goes to
the lovely ladies of A Lil Bird told me...
I was given an award.
who me? isn't this a special surprise.
I'm in love with their blog.
They are crafty, creative and make me want to go thrifting
Thank you, Thank you ladies!
you have also brightened my day