Yesterday Mr woke me up bright and early and gave me the news..
we are going on a hike!
At first I was so excited because we would be out in nature, I'd get to take some awesome pictures, and it would be just the two of us, out in nature, together! Then I got a little nervous..
what kinda hike does Mr have in mind?
are we going to be scaling walls, swimming through rivers, and fighting harsh mountain conditions?
that's not quite what I had in mind...and lucky for me, neither did Mr. whew! I mean I love the great outdoors but I just don't like fighting with it so I was relieved to hear Mr tell me it was an easy to medium hike that he had planned :)
For the record: Mr made me breakfast and had an entire day planned, dreamy right? take note boys, plan a day for your gal..she will appreciate the mere idea that you even thought about spending special time with her. good job Mr!

Here are some of the pictures from our adventure.

I decided that Fall time is the best time to be in the mountains.
How pretty is all of that yellow mixed in with the green pines?
Thanks Mr for an awesome day and fun hike :)

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