The days are getting shorter and time is running out.
I find myself not wanting to fall asleep at night
because that just means one more day has come and gone.
People want to make plans with me after Mr. is gone
but I don't even want to think past today.
 My heart is here, my head is in the clouds.
Most years the time change is a pain, but not this year.
We gained one more hour together yesterday, it was awesome. 
Now I'll just pray that Jesus will stretch the hours,
prolong, drag out, extend, and lengthen the days
so Mr and I can have just a little bit more time together.
He'll be gone soon,
But he is home for today and I'll embrace that.


  1. Sending you lots and lots of hugs! We all go through this. Just focus on him and live in each moment that you have with him. Make each second count.


  2. Stay strong & enjoy the time with him right now. Best wishes go out to you and your hubby <3

    I love your blog.