Stream of Consciousness

I have been reminded this week of all the many precious people in my life.

Nothing life altering took place, but it's special when you experience Jesus through other people.

It's in these experiences that I've been challenged to refocus and recommit to becoming a better version of myself and the person I want to be. It's easy to get caught up in selfishness and forget that my purpose is rooted in showing the love of Christ to people. Thinking back to all the many ways I've lost focus of that both saddens me and pushes me to a better place of knowing who and what I want to represent, and all of the ways I can achieve becoming a better me.

I want to be present when I'm with friends and family. I want to ask questions, engage in conversation and I want others to do the same. I want to forget where my phone is and remember the next morning, and not care about catching up with the social media missed in between. I want to read more books and look at less screens. I want to define the things that matter to me most in life, and forget about the rest. I don't want to be concerned with what I am "supposed" to value, or what's "standard for the industry." I want the things that I value to be the standard for my decisions. I want more real and less Pinterest.

I'm not super interested in the life that social media and blogs have created. That's not to say that a beautifully curated coffee shop image doesn't inspire me, but I think there's a fine line that is often crossed when defining reality vs. inspiration. Blogs, Pinterest, and Instagram offer some amazing inspiration for beautiful living, elaborate weddings, and special memories, but they have also created this alternate reality of square-ready vignettes, easily cropping out the real life happening just inches away.

I am interested in pursuing a life with less social media, less criticism, and more tangible moments with uplifting conversation.

And speaking of less screens, I'm off to read a book!

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