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Well, I did it. I filmed and posted my FIRST Youtube video! I have been talking about doing this for months and putting it off because I didn't want to set up my camera, figure out how to edit the video etc. So instead of making more excuses, I just decided to do it. Thanks FordOlogy for the extra nudge to not shy away from posting!

Some of you might think this is really weird, but that's okay because aside from the awkward greeting in the first few seconds, I had a lot of fun filming!

The video quality isn't awesome because instead of lugging out my big girl camera, I settled for the computer webcam, but I assure you, in videos to come you'll be watching a crisp picture.

Blush All Day: This is a wonderful everyday blush. It honestly lasts all day long and looks very natural. Something else that I love about it, is that it blends seamlessly (if you have a proper blush brush of course).

Naked Basics Palette: I think every girl needs the Naked Basics in her life. For the price point, it's the best neutral palette around. This palette is almost all matte shades with the exception of one whiter shade that's great for a brow highlight or inner-eye highlight.

Origins GinZing Moisturizer: I use this as my under-eye cream. There's also an actual "GinZing eye cream" that might be better, but I didn't realize there was a difference between the two when I first bought them. So, I've used this under my eyes for months now and my dark circles instantly disappear!

Lush BIG Shampoo: This stuff is probably the coolest product I've come across yet. It's a salt-gel like consistency, and lathers more than regular shampoo. The all-natural ingredients in this shampoo are what excite me the most. Some of the great ingredients are: sea salt, seaweed infusion, extra virgin coconut oil, fresh citrus juices, and avocado butter.

Sakura Bath Bomb: I am so excited to venture into the world of baths and yummy bath bombs. This one smells so delicious and I can't wait to use it.

Anthropologie Hanging Planter: If you know me, you know that I love plants. I feel like the add so much to your home and this little planter is my newest addition to the plant family!

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