Three Years

Three years ago I remember walking out of Starbucks and getting a phone call from Jeff. I freaked out because of the whole "don't talk/see/touch each other the day of your wedding before your ceremony" thing. But I answered, and it was Jeff asking if he needed to bring anything to the wedding. I assured him that I had everything taken care of and all he needed to do was show up in his tuxedo, ready for pictures by "xyz" time. He said something along the lines of feeling like there was more he was supposed to be doing but that he couldn't remember what it was...I once again assured him everything was taken care of and that we should probably stop talking before we destroyed some magical notion of talking to each other before the ceremony :) With a quick "love you, marry ya later!" he was off the phone.

Today, Jeff and I celebrated 3 years of marriage. I'm laying in bed, at the end of our anniversary today feeling so happy, and blessed to do life with him, even though he just rolled over and sleepily asked why the heck I'm blogging so late :) I've blogged our anniversaries every year, and this space is a place for me to reminisce and look back on in years to come, so tonight, I blog.

I'm not usually a "play-by-play" kind of blogger, but tonight there's no rules and I'm just going to type! This will probably bore everyone except my mom, but here was our anniversary numba three play by play. This was the first year Jeff and I actually got to spend our whole anniversary together. Year one, he was in Iraq and year two he had school all day long followed by drill the next morning, so it wasn't super awesome, until the following week when we could actually celebrate. Well this year WAS awesome.

We woke up this morning and had breakfast together followed by a trip to a local nursery with a super cute restaurant [that of course I didn't get pictures of...except koi fish, that's all I took pictures of today...koi fish from the nursery pond, I don't even know]. We had a nice lunch outside after we looked around at all the plants that I need want. On our drive home, I reminded Jeff of that conversation we had the morning of our wedding, and we talked a bit about how cute it was. Then Jeff went on to be his typical goofy self trying to annoy me some how or another, while I drove. And I jokingly asked him to remind me why I married him again... he quickly responded with, "Because I say cute things like, 'marry ya later!'" And he was so right. It wasn't an honest question, [me asking him to remind me why I married him] because we were both being silly and laughing. But when he said that, among our laughing, it kind of sunk down into my heart again and reminded me of how blessed I truly am to call him my husband. I love how sweet and goofy he is to me and I can't wait for years and years to come of cute things like "marry ya later." :)

We came back to the apartment and caught up on some Big Bang Theory, because what's an anniversary with out a little mid-day relaxation together? Then we picked ourselves up and went to Starbucks, where we looked up recipes for our new [to-come] juicer!!

That's a whole story in, and of itself. Let's just say there are really awesome people in the world, and I can't wait to have the means to return that sort of kindness in the future. 

Anyway, we did some juicer shopping at Trader Joes which was actually really fun. I love that things like going to the grocery store, and Costco have become fun for the two of us. We're a little married couple now and these types of things still make us happy...I hope that never changes. We came home and made our selves a caprese pizza together, drank a little champaign and watched GATSBY for the first time. I've never read the book, so I kinda did things out of order, but I thought it was a really good movie. I have mixed feelings over the ending, but I won't spoil that here in case you're like me and waiting until now to catch up with the rest of the world ;) 

Today was great though, I'm just so happy to be where we're at. We're both moving forward with careers and life decisions and I love that we're doing it together. It's so much fun to hang out with your best friend every day and honestly figure out how to do life together. It takes a lot of work, and I know we're still young and probably naive to some things...but that's okay with me, I like naive sometimes. We're learning, growing, and making a pretty awesome little life for our family one step at a time. I love that. 

Here's to year four bringing a lot of awesome our way.

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