Late night ramblings

Let it be known that Jeff and I spent 30 minutes in the candy aisle deciding between sour gummy worms vs starburst for me, and sour watermelons vs every other sour candy for Jeff. Two young [scantily clad] 13 year old girls came walking up the aisle and showed us up, darting straight for the sour air head minis in less than 30 seconds. We were shocked at their quick decision, and even more shocked their parents let them leave the house. We don't buy candy often, like maybe 3x a year, so this was a big decision for us ;)

Also, Jeff learned how to fishtail braid my hair...sort of.

And there's a picture of Redding. There isn't a lot in Redding, but there was a pretty wedding that we were invited to DJ for so we gladly accepted. No, I'm not a wedding photographer and a was an iPod clicking, makes an actual DJ cringe because you didn't hire a real DJ kind of a gig. We were with friends and it was fun. However, now that Jeff and I have taken on this great feet [is that the correct spelling in this case? let's go with it] we're considering the DJ meets Photographer, duo-team: Nicole Dianne and DJ Mute. DJ Mute, because Jeff is quiet.......see what we did there?

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