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These past couple of weeks have been nothing short of crazy! I can't complain though, I'd much rather have the constant flow of busy than the boring dullness of lazy. So here's a few random updates in the life of Nicole, if you care to know :)

For starters, I've become part of this huge network of uh-maze-ing photographer friends. For the last 2 months or so, I've had weekly coffee or lunch dates with multiple ladies, I've been connected with and met up with 3 different local groups, and I've had a Skype date with a photog friend from out of state. I felt so alone in this industry just a year ago. But today, some of my absolutely favorite people have become industry colleagues. What an awesome feeling. To say I'm beyond thankful for these different groups of friends is a huge understatement. I feel incredibly blessed and just so humbled that I have been accepted among these creatives. It has only increased my desire to pursue this journey of owning a business even further. And not only that, I want so badly to help others along in the industry with the little bit knowledge I have recently acquired! This industry is about helping each other and encouraging each other and I've come to know that more fully as of late. It's really awesome to be part of.

....and how about I say "industry" one more time? :)


[latte art from a sweet friend]

I've grown so much in the Lord over this past year as well. Our church is one of the most amazing places I have ever been to. I want to know more, feel more, be part of more, help more...I just can't get enough of all things Jesus these days. So forgive my Jesus thumping heart for always wanting to discuss theology and other religions, but I'm really not sorry :) The Easter service at my church was phenomenal this year. There's a video recording of it floating around vimeo and I've probably watched it 15x. The Holy Spirit was IN that room transforming lives with all of his angels, no doubt :)

Not only have I been busy meeting up with photographer friends and working many hours at the good ol' Bux, but [jumping back to photo mode] I've been going through a restart of my personal business. With that restart is coming some huge changes that I announced on facebook last week...the main one being, a NAME CHANGE! I am SO excited for this name change, as I feel it will represent me as a whole instead of just my photography... droppin' hints ;)

Also, look out for another installment from the Nicole's coming this week! We're putting together some fun things for your beauty routine so check back on Thursday for that!

Turbo has taken to our new place quite well if you couldn't tell ;) Could he BE any cuter?

Since Father's Day is on the horizon, you might want to start considering what you'll be doing for your big guy! Mom's are easy to get for, so that's why I suggest thinking ahead for dad/husband.. I know my dad is always THE hardest to buy for, so that's why I was so excited when I found this mustache decal on etsy. I found the jar at Ikea and meshed the two together. Voila, present for el daddio! I made this for his birthday, but it would make the perfect Father's Day gift as well. He's already filled it up with change and sent me a picture of it in use :)

If you haven't seen it yet, please watch this video put out by Dove. It is incredible and spoke volumes to me. Us women, we are SO hard on ourselves and it hurts my heart every day. So many of my friends are consumed with their looks, bodies, what men think of them etc, and all that really does is hurt you even more. Please know, you are far more beautiful than you think you are <3 nbsp="">

to watch more on this go here

Feel beautiful in your own skin today, because you are so very precious!

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  1. first off, congrats on everything with your business! i think you are going to do such amazing things and i am so glad that you are making connections and meeting people who will support you and encourage you! that is fantastic!

    second, girl let Jesus flow outta you! if you ever need someone to talk about theology and different religions i would be happy to buy you a cup of coffee and talk with you! i love that kind of stuff. also, church's easter service was INCREDIBLE. the worship was the best i'd ever seen. and that picture is amazing. so good.

    third, that video. my goodness. i started bawling. thank you so much for sharing that and your little message of encouragement. i need that today. thanks love!

    and always always, i adore you and love reading your blogs. keep up the good work dearest and keep shining <3