tis the season

to be jolly...

So naturally that means there will be a lot of Christmas music playing, hot chocolate consuming, Christmas movie watching, Egg-nog steamer drinking, pretty picture taking, and church Christmas program going. 

I've slowly added more Christmas to our house each day, searching tutorials on Pinterest and creating with items I've found in my craft boxes. This is just a sneak peek of the transformation our little home has seen so far. Once everything is set in place and I decide whether or not I want to a red ornament, red and green ornament, or randomized ornament tree...we'll have some pictures up. The dilemmas I face as a home makin lady, man oh man. 

The days over here are spent playing with my new iPhone 5, [and by playing I mean taking and editing hundreds of pictures] because this camera is AMAZING. Mingled in there are editing real life pictures that aren't just instagram squares, working like 25 hours a week...give or take, and lots of family and friend hang outs. It's pure joy. The holidays are in full force and I'm ready to embrace it all. Last year around this time I was cramming for finals and working more than my holiday thumping heart could handle, so this year I'm soaking in all things jolly and bright.

Oh and one more thing...who else thinks it's the coolest thing ever that among Jingle Bells and Rudolph songs, like 95% of people are also subconsciously singing songs about baby Jesus every day this time of year? I like that.

Here's to lots more Christmas music and glitter-ized everything.... :)


  1. love your christmas decor! it is so much fun :)

  2. this.post.makes.me.happy :) AHH christmas! christmas decor! baby its cold outside is now stuck in my head :)

  3. YES, here's to glitterized EVERYTHING!! :) Your house looks so great! LOVE the "Baby it's cold outside" print!!


  4. You guys are too cute:) And I love your Christmas wall!