life lately via instagram

latte art by a friend | flower mart in the city with ms. michaela noelle :) | hobby lobby sale knobs, be still my heart | found my old paint supplies, be still my creative heart | gorg sunset after saturday night church | silly pictures on our anniversary dinner

life is sweet. i have a job, i have a husband, i have creativity and art, i have my health, i have so much love, i have the cutest pup, i have a loving family, i have photography, i have books to read, i have a stellar church, i have a bible..that i can read whenever i want, i have tv..woot!, i have clothes, i have a house.....sometimes reminding ourselves of all that we are blessed with is necessary :)


in other news i have a few features to share with you all! i was featured on michaela's blog last week sharing what i love and don't love, check that post out here!


one of my dear friends kyla featured me on her blog today, here!


  1. you are truly blessed! your life is full of love, and color...both are awesome :)

  2. You definitely are blessed! I need to start reminding myself more of how blessed I am.

  3. your blog makes me happy:) i'm so jealous of how artistic you are!

  4. I wish I could have the same standard of the blog just as are simply mind blowing & I always experience many things to learn whenever I visit this blog....simply great collection of photos again from your side... :)

    1. Thanks for informative and helpful post, obviously in your blog everything is good.If you post informative comments on blogs there is always the chance that actual humans will click through.

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