day in the city | blogger date

Last weekend I met up with one of my favorite designers/bloggers, Michaela, in the city! We had been trying to get together for almost a year now and our schedules never matched up until just recently. She is such a stylish, fun girl and I'm so thankful we've been able to form a friendship through blogging. How cool is that? It was so great to finally hang out and spend the day together!

We started out at the Flower Mart where we pieced together a beautiful bouquet. You can find all the details to that DIY here on Michaela's blog! It was the coolest place..literally a warehouse full of gorgeous buckets of flowers. It's pretty much a farmer's market for just flowers. You can't go wrong with that!

Then we went a little picture crazy to make sure we captured the prettiness of our bouquet :D

yes i'm fully aware the right side of my hair is having a friz crisis...let's just move past it and blame the bay area weather :) 

AND can I just say I would LOVE to come back to the Flower Mart for a full-on photo shoot. Please, someone take me up on this offer? I promise your pictures will be colorful, and pretty :) 

After the Flower Mart we spent some time shopping around the city and just chatting. It was a great day and I can't wait til we can meet up again! Don't forget to go say hello to her and check out her DIY bouquet post HERE



  1. how fun to meet up with a blogger friend! you two looked lovely...and so did that arrangement!! I adore the light greens with the touches of pink & purple in it. :)

  2. Nicole! It was so fun to see you and have a fun day in SF together. I just love ya to pieces!

  3. Wow those flowers are heavenly pleasant...just got so much energy and feeling good just by only watching them in the photos...beautiful post indeed... :)

  4. New reader, and I just wanted so that your photography is beautiful! I'm sure it helps to have such pretty subjects (the flowers + the ladies).