turby turb & some news

I can't even handle how precious this little punk is. It's darn near ridiculous how spoiled he is and how much we love him. He had surgery this past week to get some cysts removed and his usual spunky self turned into a puddle of pity which in turn broke momma's heart. He's healing though and will be back to driving cars n stuff soon.

In other news...we're moving into a HOUSE. It was something we've talked about for months but weren't sure it was possible. Our lease will be up in October so we decided to start searching to see what we could find. As luck would have it, God poured down His blessings on us and gave us a house.  More on this later.

Be on the look out for some house design posts in the coming months...yippee!!


  1. He is so cute driving that car!

    Congrats on moving into a house, that's pretty sweet!

  2. aw, your puppy is so adorable!
    congrats on that house--that's so exciting! such a big step.

  3. He is so cute!
    I'm in love!


  4. So so cute!! I hope he feels all better now, I always feel so guilty when my pets are hurting, even if it's for their own good x

  5. congrats on the house! what an exciting new adventure! and these pictures are just way too precious for words! i hope he is heeling well from the surgery!
    xo TJ