ummmm random

We saw this fallen down fence as we walked through the scenic parts of Sand Harbor {GO there if you ever venture to Lake Tahoe} reminded me of the shore back East. I'll be sharing the rest of vaca pictures sooner than later! 

It's been seriously non-stop the last week..since the Fourth of July to be exact. I've since had 3 photo shoots and a 27 hour week at Starbucks. I'd say that puts me somewhere around a 50 hour week when you consider the 12 hour wedding and editing time. Right?! Haven't been to bed before 2 in like four nights because I've been editing session after session. I hope this is what it feels like to be a pro because I wouldn't trade it for the world! Late night edit sessions..revamping my blog..nailing down a much fun to me. Probably sounds like homework to most, but it's kind of the coolest thing ever for me. 

Ummmm I have no clue where this post is going and highly doubt more than my eyes will read it so since it's 1:45 in the a.m. I best be getting some shut eye. 

I might regret this post in the morning :)


  1. i am so excited for this new adventure for you! its not work when its your passion <3 i cant wait to see the finish product of your blog, logo, and photo shoot. keep up the work gorgeous :)

  2. oh goodness! I LOVE that blue wall sooo much! These photos couldn't be any better ♥