Katherine | Portraits

I'm in the process of portfolio building again since I got my new camera and I'm having a ton of fun seeing improvement with each new session! So here's just a little preview of my latest session. We loved the color blue here if you couldn't tell... :) There's some seriously awesome blue walls in Old Town!

I'm gonna try and start blogging about normal life again, I hope to get back into the swing of things really soon. I've missed documenting my day to day. Things have definitely slowed down around this here bloggy since Mr came home from Iraq. But hopefully all these photo session sneak peeks can hold y'all over until I'm back in the swing of things.



  1. these look amazing! i love the colors and the lighting. wonderful my dear <3

  2. oh...i'm in love with that first wall. soft turquoise? sigh :)

    i've been slow and far between with blogging too....ha, my new record is today will be the 2nd time this week! yay. lol. it's nice to know that i'm missed though....

    you and your thoughts and your gorgeous photography is missed also! <3 breaks are good though, don't get me wrong. ;)

  3. Gorgeous! I'm a read obsessed with that wall...

  4. Such pretty colors!! Wow...I adore every single photo :)

  5. Gorgeous shade of blue! Nice photos!