one of my goals this summer is to keep fresh flowers in our apartment throughout the season, these peonies are my favorite thus far :)

enjoying: nights with all doors and windows open to let that cool breeze flow through, reading bloom [never wanting it to end], total freedom, re-decorating & cleaning out our little place, our new vacuum that we were able to buy with coupons and a gift card oh my really is as amazing as it looks.. & it's white!

happy tuesday friends.


  1. Vacuums and two favorite things!

  2. Your blog is precious :) We have several things in common:

    1) We both love Jesus.
    2) We share a name.
    3) We both follow Kelle Hampton, and are on a journey to enjoy the small things (That MIGHT be where I stumbled into your little corner of the universe).
    4) We are both getting into photography.

    I look forward to reading more :) Congratulations on your recent graduation!

  3. Wow what a beautiful pictures.