Yahweh by New Life Worship on Grooveshark

Our Lord, Yahweh is here to stay..what comfort we have in knowing this. Faithful God, you're here to stay. He's faithful, oh is he ever faithful. I've weathered some storms through the past few months..nothing serious in the scheme of life, but average storms..and my Lord has been so faithful to me. Reminding me of His love through the sunshine beaming through my windows each morning, through the perseverance He's given me. I see Him cheering for me each time I choose HIM. My heart is so full knowing I was created by an ever faithful, all knowing, all loving..eternal Father.

Faithful. That word appears in so many worship songs, and scriptures. It's been a constant reminder to me lately. Be faithful in showing others the love of Jesus..I feel that tug at my heart. As soon as I feel the temptation creep in.. to go against something the Lord wouldn't stand for I try reminding myself of His faithfulness and that I should mirror that. Even in the moments where it feels like you're alone..when you want to give up He's rooting for you to keep pushing..keep going..because He's here, with us. He's walking next to you and me every single day...His steps precede our own. Nothing is a surprise to our Savior so why do we worry? He's here..active in our daily, sitting beside us..writing that paper with us, sitting in traffic with us, holding you as the tears fall down your cheeks. He's faithful, so very faithful. I hope you are blessed by this song as much as I have been. Yahweh...


  1. Goodness. So powerful. Love this song and your words!

  2. so lovely:) thanks for sharing this!!