little bits of happiness

today i'm linking up with this lovely lady for
little bits of happiness i saw through out my week. i love this concept because it's
easy to get caught up in the everyday craziness of life and forget about the little blessings that God
sends our way.

new shirt/rainbow wearing weather

healthy snacks: blackberries/wheat english muffin with peanut butter, bananas and sprinkled brown sugar

new lamp/california poppy on my shopping day

silence is golden now that Mr wears these gaming headphones/hurray for getting hired at a country club! appropriately celebrating with syrup and hot sauce?

these were just some of the lovely things that happened this week. the main one being that Mr now has a job. such a blessing and we are SO happy! maybe next week i won't be lazy and i'll get out my actual camera ;)

Mrs Stephanie T


  1. That English muffin looks so good!! That was prob my favorite snack for the last 4 months. YUM!!

  2. so glad you linked up, my dear! i love your new lamp. :)

  3. I would love flip flop weather!

  4. your outfit is so adorable, and so are all the photos!! <3

  5. Questions.. I thought Mr. was in the Army?.... reserves maybe? Hooray for him getting a job!!
    Love this bits of happiness idea as well. I started something kinda like that just cause there's so much that makes me smile throughtout my days! I must link up with this one though!

  6. Our California weather has DEFINITELY been all over the place recently. I'm so bitter than I'm stuck in an office all day while it's beautiful outside!!

    Peanut Butter with Banana Toast is one of my favorite breakfast foods. I'll have to try it with brown sugar!