the transition between seasons is refreshing. just when i cant stand the scorch of summer, leaves make their way south. colors change and light breezes swoop through the valley. sipping on pumpkin spice lattes peppered with cinnamon, on days just cold enough to wear cuffed pants and cardigans but not so cold that a pair of flip flops won't suit.

undoubtedly, the smell of spice permeating throughout my home and summer flowers replaced by splashes of warm toned accents will fill my spirits with fall. my text books will fall open more often than not as the semester unfolds, but partnered with fall festivities, motivation will reign through.

pumpkin patch trips, candy corn filled aisles, hot apple cider and the like, play over in my mind as the season shows itself more each day.

the cool breeze will blow, the leaves will change color and the official start of the new season will make its grand appearance before i know it. 


  1. i love sweater weather.
    today, however, was a bounce back to late summer. heh. ah well. fall will be here to stay soon and very soon!

    now i want some hot apple cider.

  2. this is my favorite time of year! i love wearing jeans, a light sweater, and flip flops. perfection.

  3. Goodness I love your writing! I can't wait for all of this..the smells, the holidays, the weather! I am so excited :)