mindful musings

pictures to edit..text books to be read..work memorization to be done..emails to be answered..bills to be paid..gas tank to be filled..phone calls to be made

fun to be had?

i would like to think that i deserve a little fun amongst the exhaustive list above.

overwhelmed and ready for a break. life is busy and deployment is ever present. longing to kick that word to the curb, go days with out thinking about or even remembering the days of deployment. i've grown spiritually, independently and emotionally...that's all very true. but i'll save that post, those words will come at another time, as it's end draws closer maybe. reflecting on the growth and things i've learned will take some time. i want to remember some things, not many..but some. i want to reflect on it to the fullest.

feeling so blessed to have a job and education, time to fill the empty void of husband-less nights. thankful for mr and the man he is. thankful for his heart and the love he shows me every day. thankful for anniversary flowers and notes from across the ocean.

overwhelmed by the undeserving love of my Savior. though i neglect Him most days, never on purpose of course, the list above tends to fill the time. thanks for remembering me Jesus. when i'm not faithful to devote deserving time to you, i'm welcomed back with open arms. the idea of this blows my mind. who else does that? no one. i'm blessed and undeserving of such a love like this. thank you my Jesus.

the thoughts need to roll out, unedited and choppy sometimes. it might not make sense to most, the short sentences and barely finished thoughts. but they're written down now, stored somewhere in the archives of these posts.

maybe i'll look back in 4 years and remember thoughts after my first two weeks on the new job and senior year of college. i hope to remember the blessings in my life and always cherish what i've been given.

cliche? absolutely. but it's cliche for a reason.
Jesus is good to me, and i'll be forever grateful.


  1. What a good post. I agree. I'm just starting my freshman year. And I want to be able to look back when I'm done (graduated) with school and smile. :)
    Have a good one and remember to make time for fun too!!

  2. beautiful.

    and it's so true....we'll look back in a few years and remember...life was what it was and there was a lot of beautiful in it, even though sometimes it felt like business swallowed the days.