this moment

At this moment...

I'm listening to my roommate watch Family Guy and hear the click of a keyboard while I type on my MB Pro.
I hear the slight hum of the air conditioner and feel it's gentle breeze brush past my face.
I'm thankful for air conditioners when the high is 95 degrees, like today.

The hairs on my forehead tickle from the air conditioner.
And soon as I say "tickle" little spots all over my face and neck tickle. Why is that?

I feel comfortable. Laying upright on my new comforter [duvet] from Ikea, with just the right amount of pillows nestled behind my back.. and next to my new yellow rosette Target pillow. It's nice.

I feel good. Not hungry, not tired, not sore, there's no pain. I just feel normal. I appreciate normal right now.

I anticipate the times around the corner and I'm ready to treasure the memories made.

I am 89% done with Water For Elephants..or so my Kindle tells me. Chapter 23 awaits.

I chopped my hair, it's shorter than before..but not too short. I hope he likes it in person.
I feel younger with this look but I don't know what others see.

I taste peanut butter and honey sandwich. It reminds me of school, and how much I love summer because there's no school.

Today is good :)


  1. This makes me smile:)

  2. Sounds like a lovely day. :) I finished Water For Elephants the other day and the ending is.... !!! ;) But I really liked it. Have a great rest of the week x.

  3. I'm glad you're having such a good, normal evening =) I don't think it could be bad with an Ikea duvette and air conditioning!
    And I'm soo excited for you that your man is coming home soon. That will be THE BEST!
    ps might we be seeing pics of the new hair soon? I want to chop mine too!

  4. i love this post.
    it's so poetic and breath-like.
    real and sweet, like a honey and peanut butter sandwich.

  5. That sounds like a pretty good moment to me :) minus the fact that your sweetheart wasn't sitting in bed with you...but he'll be home soon!! and I'm SO HAPPY for you two!!

    And i had fun catching up on your most recent posts :) your family vacation looked lovely! And the part on your to-do list that said "Get Mr's favorite groceries" put a smile on my face :)

  6. Sounds like a great day, love it :)

  7. Hope you're having the best week. Sounds like this day was amazing. Lots of love to you, friend! (: